Things That Just Piss Me Off!


How is it that 1 person can get all religions thrown out of school, and yet a school board can ban the Pledge of Alleigance from being said in their school in Amereica? Why is it that when a city wants to lower air pollution, they always look at the little guys? Why is it that politicians are always trying to pass bills to strip you of your hot rodding rights? If you feel as ticked off as I do about these questions, keep reading.

Bills and Laws

How many times have you said "That's stupid, that bill will never pass into law.", and it does? I say that just about every hour a day. Just the other night, on the 10:00 news, I heard Houston is trying to make it illegal to wear baggy pants. They didn't even state a reason why, it just said, "If a city officer finds that your pants are too big or sag too much, he/she could give you a $25 fine." At the moment I'm not going to call it stupid, because I don't know the reason, but I will say that it infringes on your right to express yourself, and it has a slim chance of passing.

Also, I'm not sure when this happened but, there was a bill in California that says if your car was made before 1970, then it should be crushed, and you had no right to salvage the parts that are on it. They're reasons being 1)emissions, and 2)clean up the land. An example of 2 would be if you had a rusty car on your property that was uncovered, then the land would look better without it. First of all, cars made before 1970 are NOT primary means of transportation. People who drive cars made before 1970 have probably restored them, so that they run well, and look good, and therefore are their pride and joy. People don't drive their pride and joy every day. Second of all, a car cover can take care of a rusty bucket. Third of all, it's just the principle. If I say, "I don't like your hair style", I have no right to shave it off, but I can suggest you to do something else with it.

Another bill in California says that all cars between the years of 1964-1973 have to pass emissions tests. Now, this is just plain stupid! Someone should be fired for that! If you don't know your history, all cars before 1974 had no emissions equipment. Obviously, this bill was created before that previous one.

The one that bothers me the most is this one. The Houston/Galveston area is lowering freeway speed limits to 55 MPH. Here's their reason. The Feds provide funding to the city for road construction at one condition, Houston's air (the most polluted in the nation) must pass certain guidelines. Well, it obviously failed. Since there is a lot of road construction in Houston, we need that money. Their solution is the cut freeway speed limits, and make it illegal to cut grass in the morning. It is a stupid solution and here's why. First, Houston is HOT in the summer time! When summer comes, people will only be able to cut grass in the afternoon and evening. People will die of heat exhaustion. It's already bad enough as it is! Second, emissions may be lower at a lower RPM but people will be on the freeway longer. Here's my logic. Most cars are in OverDrive (OD) at 55 and 70 MPH. If an engine puts out less emissions at 55 than at 70, but a car doing 70 gets to their destination faster than the car doing 55, the emissions levels may be the same. Here's my equation: miles to destination vs. engine RPM (in OD) vs. emissions output. I don't have any $40,000 emissons testing equipment, so this is all unproven theories. If anybody can prove it, email me here.

My Thoughts

The thing that bothers me the most about all this is that America is a democracy. We elected these people to protect our interest, but instead their protecting only what they want! This goes to show, you should never fully trust a politician!