A pic to sum it all up.
My car with my dad's airplanes.
Just messing around.
Without the polished rims.
The engine out of the 92.
Front shot of the 86.
Inner fender of the 86.
Inside the 86.
Left side of the 92 before the polished rims.
The old motor out of the 86.
Just messing around.
Pic of the polished rim.
What I want my camaro to look like.
Pic of the new suspension.
Inside the 86 before I took out the dash.
Pic of the rims before polishing and painting.
Shiny looking +.030 forged pistons.
The engine and tranny mated together.
The uniformed looking primed engine bay.
The engine bay after it got black paint.
Close up shot of how shiny it is.
A trial fit to make sure it's going to go in fine.
The glass bead blasted runners I blasted myself.
Here's the Crane Cams Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator I bought.
It's almost ready to put the hood back on.
It's pretty shiny, but it's not chromed.
Notice the Flame Red slots.